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The Gifted and Rel Canceled at Fox

Blair Redford, The Gifted | Photo Credits: Fox

The Gifted and Rel are no more. The two series have been canceled by Fox, TV Guide has learned.

Rel, a multi-camera comedy from Lil Rel Howery, lasted just one season. Meanwhile, the X-Men adjacent drama The Gifted lasted two seasons at the network. However, it didn't make the cut for Season 3 after losing almost half its viewership over the course of the season. It dropped 41 percent in weekly ratings and averaged about 2 million viewers per episode. The Gifted was Fox's second lowest-rated drama after the legal procedural Proven Innocent.

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The cancellation will likely come as sad news to fans after the Season 2 cliffhanger, which saw Blink (Jamie Chung) come back from the dead to take what was left of the underground to the future to face their latest crisis after successfully taking down the Inner Circle thanks to Reid's (Stephen Moyer) sacrifice. The Gifted boss Matt Nix said ahead of the season finale that he was hopeful the show could find a new home if it didn't make it on Fox, assuring TV Guide he and his team have "more story to tell."

Shopping The Gifted elsewhere could be a complicated situation; the show's parent studio was officially bought by Disney earlier this year. It could get a save as Fox and Marvel both fall under the Disney umbrella, or Mickey Mouse could choose to close this chapter in favor of starting an X-Men series of its own. In these wild days of television though, never say never.

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The Magicians Finale Killed Off the One Person We Never Expected

Arjun Gupta and Olivia Taylor Dudley, The Magicians

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 4 finale episode of The Magicians.]

The Magicians has always been an utterly unpredictable and sometimes disturbing series since it messes with magic, gods, time, and everything in between, but the show just pulled a move we genuinely never saw coming.

In its Season 4 finale, The Magicians killed off Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), and not in the "this is a magic show where people come back to life all the time, so no one's really dead-dead" kind of way. It's in the real and very final "holy f-- they just did that" kind of way.

After sealing the monsters away and throwing them in the Seam, Quentin sacrificed himself to make sure they could never return and to kill Everett (Brian Markinson) so he could never become a god. In the end he actually fell prey to a mirror-world ricochet of his own magical discipline: minor mending. The final 15 minutes of the finale followed Quentin through the Underworld (he was the one Penny greeted down there earlier this season!) as he learned to let go of life and say goodbye to his loved ones, after which he stepped through a portal into the afterlife, never to be seen again.

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Executive producers John McNamara, Sera Gamble, and Henry Alonso Myers released a statement about the decision to write Quentin out of the show:

"The Magicians has always been a fantastical show about real life -- with a generous dose of magic to keep it all feeling less like bitter medicine and more like raiding a weirdly delicious pantry at 2am (probably while a bit drunk). That has been our approach to Season 4, knowing that we want to explore the most confounding, harsh and messy aspects of adulthood in our story. At the top of that list: facing your own mortality, and experiencing the death of someone you love.

Before we began this season, we entered into a creative conversation that included the writers, executive producer and director Chris Fisher, Lev Grossman, our partners at UCP and SYFY, and Jason Ralph. The choice for Jason to leave the show was arrived at mutually, with much respect for the story, fans of the show, and a shared sense of deliberate, essential creative risk. We want The Magicians to visit strange and fascinating new places, and we know we can't get there by treading the same garden path others have before us. So, we did the thing you're not supposed to do -- we killed the character who's supposed to be 'safe.' In real life, none of us are safe."

The sudden and devastating loss of Quentin could have been left at him sacrificing himself for the good of the world and his friends, but The Magicians has always been a little more thoughtful than that.

The Magicians Renewed for Season 5 at Syfy

When Quentin went through the Underworld process of revealing "Secrets Taken to the Grave," we got a much-needed moment of introspection. As a character who struggled with mental health and suicidal tendencies, Quentin was allowed a moment to reflect on whether he died in a noble act of sacrifice or whether he'd simply fallen prey to those dark thoughts and finally found a way to kill himself. The resulting scene, in which he watched his friends bid him farewell with a sad rendition of 'Take On Me" by A-ha made it clear to him that his life was not thrown away, and if given the choice, he would never have left behind the people who loved him so dearly.

"When we first met Quentin Coldwater, he was in a mental hospital, contending with painful questions of life and death," said McNamara, Gamble, and Myers in their statement. "This season, we saw the rare opportunity to complete his arc, bringing him to a real understanding of the incalculable value of his own life. Quentin, and we, got to see the truth: there is no such thing as a minor mending. The smallest action can ripple out in powerful ways we may never fully know."

And thus ends the story of Quentin Coldwater. When The Magicians returns for Season 5, it will never be the same.

The Magicians first three seasons are streaming on Netflix.

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The Bold Type Cast Wants a Crossover Episode with Good Trouble

Aisha Dee, The Bold TypeCierra Ramirez, Good Trouble

Freeform isn't known for epic crossovers the way The CW is, but that could definitely change if the cast of The Bold Type has its way!

Star Katie Stevens thinks The Fosters spin-off, Good Trouble, would make a perfect candidate for a crossover episode with The Bold Type, and she's already got everything mapped out in her head. "I've been watching Good Trouble [...] every week, and Callie (Maia Mitchell) now is in a weird place with her job. She could come and work for Scarlet's [legal department], which then crosses over. I'm sure that Scarlet has to have an L.A. office. Every magazine has another office," the actress explained.

"So we all like take a trip out to the L.A. office [and] meet with them. We'd have dinner at the Coterie and then Jane's like, man, 'I think I should live here.' And then they just exist in the same world," she continued. "I feel like Kat (Aisha Dee) and Gael (Tommy Martinez) can talk about bisexuality and queerness and [Kat] can help Alice (Sherry Cola), who's also queer."

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For our money, it might make more sense to have Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) be profiled by Scarlet for creating her activism app, or maybe Davia (Emma Hunton), who side hustles as a body positivity Instagram model. Jane could totally hang out at the Coterie while interviewing either of them, while Sutton would be on hand for styling the photoshoot, and Kat needs to get all those sociable moments.

But why should they have all the fun? Stevens' co-stars Meghann Fahy and Dee said they'd like to see the characters from the college-set grown-ish, which is also set in L.A., join in the fun and make it a three-way crossover.

Logistically speaking, crossovers are difficult for Freeform since there is no centralized shooting schedule for all of its shows. There's no guarantee that even two of the three shows would be filming (or airing) at the same time to allow a crossover to happen organically. So we'll just have to sit on this idea and hope that Freeform hears our pleas and figures out a way to make it all work.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays 8/7c on Freeform.

Additional reporting by Megan Vick

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